Wesway Reins, commonly referred to as Wesway or The Reins, is an Oligarchy. Though officially a democratic council, it is well known as a mercantile Oligarchy. Members of it's council represent merchant and craft guilds. It is one of the few countries that borders The Breathless Kingdom, southern lands with the ruins of kingdoms inhabited by uncivilized groups collectively referred to as the Hinterfolk.

Etymology Edit

The name Wesway Reins was established approximately 830ew. The word Wesway is an old common term for a route to or in the West. Due to the narrow flat geography of the land, the region was quickly well known for an easy way to travel from the north to south. The hostile terrain just south of it meant the southern most part of the Reins were a place to stop. Because people traveled by horse back, had an easy trip through Wesway, and then had to halt at the end: the southern tip was called the reins, as in reins on a horse. When the country was united by Norrid Sleighrik, he officially established the nick-name as the proper name.

History Edit

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