The Reach Edit

The Five Main Human Deities

There are five central deities popular with humans. Together they are represented as a hand or pentagon. When the Weald was united, The Reach could easily be considered the official pantheon. With the death of the Highking and division of his kingdoms, that is not as adamant as it once was. Still, any large human city in the Weald is likely to have temples to these deities. Artwork of them ranges from paintings to smooth statues.

Ædelin Edit

(Often pronounced Aid-lin or Ay-deh-lin)

The Red Mother, Warm Witch, The Red Queen

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Dream, Healing, Protection, Sun

Sub-Domains: Purity, Day

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Favored Animal: Red Snow Bird

A favorite in the south, The Red Mother Ædelin represents a stoic dedication in hard times. Often depicted as a woman draped in thick red robes against a snow white field. Even in nude depictions in art she is never without red cloth

Ædelin is characterized as strong and silent, speaking only with great portence. Caring, but discerning. She is hard to offend, but wrathful when she has been. Hinterfolk worship an alternative view of her named Adela, which while similar, is considered more aggressive.

Wigheard Edit

(Often pronounced Wih-gerd)

The Laborer, Broadreach

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Artifice, Community, Destruction, War

Sub-Domains: Toil, Cooperation, Home, Torture

Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Favored Animal: Ox

Though not a favorite anywhere, he is generally respected everywhere. Wigheard is the temperamental worker. He builds and creates then destroys. He is passionate. He is a favorite of soldiers that so often see death and mirth hours apart.

Wigheard is most often depicted as a huge bearded man with brown hair. Most often dressed as a smith or tinkerer, but occasionally in armor. In clothed depictions he tends to be overweight, but nude pieces tend to be more generous.

He has many many children, but it’s said his favorite is Leofflæd, despite her destructive behavior.

Eadwyn Edit


The Balanced, Judgeknight, High-tyrant

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Evil, Good, Law

Sub-Domains: Judgement, Corruption, Redemption

Favored Weapon: Sword and Shield

Favored Animal: Crow

The Judgeknight Eadwyn has many different interpretations. In general though they are seen as balance in society. They corrupt those too righteous, and redeems those too sinful. Eadwyn’s acts are in no way to benefit any person or group or society, but just to maintain a middle ground.

Some use this to excuse an evil worship, seeing the world as too good. Others see it the other way around. Eadwyn is a polarizing figure, but rarely absent from court rooms.

Eadwyn has vague depictions. Eadwyn has no gender, though is often shown in masculine looking full plate. Eadwyn is often depicted holding a scale, or a key in one hand and shackles in the other. In some cases they are shown in heavy foreboding robes. Eadwyn is rarely depicted in a physical body.

Often considered the brother or son of Pæg.

Leofflæd Edit


The Lover, The Emerald Liar

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Liberation, Trickery

Sub-Domains: Revelry, Lust, Revolution, Innuendo

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Favored Animal: Lyre Bird or Rabbit

Leofflæd is truly a deity of indulgence and mirth. She celebrates all victories just long enough before turning against the victors. She believes in ‘interesting above honor’. A favorite of bards, sellswords, and social outcasts. Evil figures even turn to her.

She is generally depicted as a spry but ugly swashbuckling woman with ever changing features, even said to be a man whenever she pleases. Some interpret this as her having no gender, but most think in her true form she is a woman. It’s common for artwork depicting her to have mixed gender features.

By many accounts she is Wigheard’s favorite daughter, though she holds permanent loyalty to no one.

Pæg Edit


Death, Dread Accountant

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Darkness, Death, Law, Void, Repose

Sub-Domains: Loss, Psychopomp, Inevitability, Isolation

Favored Weapon: Flail, Mace

Favored Animal: Moth

The deity of death and inevitability. Though she’s known to take pleasure in her work, she is generally considered an important part to life, especially by humans. She’s slow, and persistent. She take a patient morbid pleasure in reminding mortals they were always going to meet her.

She is generally depicted as a shadowy black skinned woman, either in scholarly robes or nude even in other wised clothed artworks. By many accounts she is the mother of Eadwyn, but by almost as many they are siblings.

The Elven Allgod Edit

The sole Elven Deity

Ilyaheru Edit


The Allgod, Heaven Smith

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Void, Knowledge, Magic, Dream, Time

Sub-Domains: Divine, Stars

Favored Weapon: Staff and Mace

Favored Animal: Snake

The Allgod Ilyaheru is not considered anything like a person. There’s no imagined body, persona, etc. Philosophers will muse about their form, but it is generally considered well beyond any living beings comprehension.

Artistic depictions will generally just show a beacon of light either in a vague humanoid or snake like form. Other times a similar form but made of heavenly bodies.

Worship of the allgod is a meditation. It is research into the true nature of existence and the spirit. It is equal parts science and philosophy. This knowledge in turn should benefit them in this life or the next. Where others pray for gifts from their god, Elves seek to learn from the god and gift themselves.

This isn’t all to say worshipers of Ilyaheru don’t believe in the other ‘deities’ or that they grant powers to followers. They just believe ultimately these deities gained their power through a great understanding of the Allgod, and prefer to not worship beings they might consider more akin to them than the Allgod.

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